Google for Startups: First Fridays Addition

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Lightning Talk: Remote Operational Excellence – Running a Remote Business Operations

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a sudden shift to remote and distributed working environments for startups around the globe. Silvina Moschini, President & CoFounder of TransparentBusiness had the opportunity to host a digital edition Lightning Talk with GoogleStartups speaking to all of the challenges and opportunities companies are facing among the fastest acceleration of remote work. 

Silvina also joined Google for Startups First Fridays along with:

  • Sarah Katyal, Marketing for Canada Startup Ecosystems Google
  • Tejpaul Bhatia, Office of the CIO, Google
  • Mayank Tahilramani, Senior Alliance Manager at GitLab Inc.
  • Christopher Fong, Founder
  • and Jason Scott, Head of US Startup Developer Ecosystems Google

for a live panel discussion. Watch on-demand: